Saturday 29 September 2018
(Grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary)

Sunday 30 September 2018
(Advanced workshop day)

Location: Corendon Village Hotel

€ 150,- per day excl. 21% VAT
(Lunch, delicacies, and bubbles included)

Rock Your Business English! Weekend

I understand that Personal Coaching is quite an investment. If your budget does not allow for personal coaching at this time, no need to worry –  in my Rock Your Business English! Masterclass we will be working on raising the bar on your English and your confidence! It’s my only public event of the year, and I’d love to give your English some Buffilove in a dynamic, interactive, jam-packed weekend! My Rock Your Business English! Weekend is all about breaking borders when it comes to English communication.

DAY 1: Today’s the day to lay the framework on the most common problems (and how to fix them!) in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. You will develop new insights into your own strengths and weaknesses as an English speaker, and leave with a big shot of confidence! Laughter and learning guaranteed! (Oh, and I buy you a drink at the end of the day!)

DAY 2: On Sunday we take it to the next level. We build on the foundation that we’ve created and get down and dirty on international communication, advanced grammar, writing styles, and finding new strategies to get more color, nuances, and impact in your English! You’ll be more aware of the subtleties of English and know how to master the rules, then break them like a boss. Bubbles at 16.30 to celebrate your progress!

This weekend is sold out. In Spring 2019 next weekend event will be planned.

October 6 and 7

Den Bosch

€ 100,- excl. 21% VAT per session

Songwriters’ Weekend

Are you a singer or do you write songs?
No label?
No money?

No problem!

If you are a music artist without label support, do sign up for my Songwriter’s Weekend on October 6 and 7 in Den Bosch. It’s a half-price personal coaching session, focusing on lyrics and pronunciation, and my way of helping emerging talent take the next step in English.

(€ 100,- excl. 21% VAT per session, and there are only 12 spaces available.)

“My English really improved, I don’t know why I didn’t sign up sooner! Thanks, Buffi!” – Nola, Amsterdam 

“I loved the session, please sign me up for the next one!” – Merit, Utrecht

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