Rock Your Business English Masterclass Day

22 maart 2018

€ 149 ex btw
(Masterclass Day)

€ 549 ex BTW *
(Masterclass Day plus Business English Communication Course)

Corendon Vitality Hotel
Aletta Jacobslaan 7
1066 BP Amsterdam


10.00 Inloop/ koffie
10.30 Start block 1: Every Word Counts
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Start block 2: Let’s Get Down To Business
14.30 Coffee and tea break
15.00 Start block 3: Dealmakers and Dealbreakers
16.30 Book signing and drinks

Rock Your Business English!

  • Do you ever hesitate when you have to talk in English?
  • Are you able to present your ideas clearly and naturally in English?
  • Do you have all the words you need at the right moment and can switch from a formal to a social situation with ease?
  • Do you have to double (or triple!) check your English mails before pressing the ‘send’ button?


This is an English workshop, but with a twist.

Buffi is the Netherlands’s most beloved English coach and has the honor of coaching celebrities, CEO’s, politicians and more. She will give you a big boost of confidence and knowledge (aka Buffilove) to help you talk and write Business English with ease!

“I needed to be confident to speak in front of large groups. This was easily achieved with such a wonderful coach.”
– Merijn Everaarts, Founder of Dopper –

“I have not regretted the day I chose Buffi for my English coaching. What a great coach! She is so energetic and has such a big and warm heart.”
– Ineke Kooistra, CEO Young Capital – 

This is a 1-day event, but your learning doesn’t have to stop there. You can get Buffi’s 8-part online course, Business English Communication (, with 100E discount if you book it with the Masterclass! This will enable you to continue your progress after the Masterclass has finished.

Masterclass Day


Masterclass Day *

(plus Business English Communication)

Early Bird Price: Book before 1 March and get a copy of ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass’ free! Personally signed at the end of the Masterclass!

*About My Business English Communication Course: I developed this dynamic, online course because so many of my clients wanted to continue their English learning journey at home or at work, at their own convenience. This way they have their own Personal English coach with them all the time! There’s no escape from me anymore! My Business English Communication Course focuses on the most important tools that you need to communicate as a professional in an English or international setting. Every module starts with a video master class, where I get down and dirty on one subject in particular, and this is followed up with a worksheet, where you get the chance to activate what you have just learned! The VIP program includes private coaching from yours truly, so it’s the best of both worlds!

After completing my course, you will be able to:

  • Feel more comfortable interacting with native speakers
  • Raise the bar on your own professional communication
  • Learn new words and phrases to increase your business vocabulary
  • Discover your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to speaking and writing business English
  • Get more international contacts, business and respect

What course members say:

 I think that Netflix has a new competitor, because it’s so easy to bingewatch this course! If you want to get more confidence in Business English, then this is a great deal.”
– Marijke Roskam, Moderator, Speaker, and Media Trainer –

Buffi inspires me every week to improve my English, it’s so clear she lives to teach. Thanks, Buffi!”
– Jan-Henk Bouwman, entrepreneur –

“After following this course, you will get a Buffi-shot of confidence! Once you’ve got that running through your veins, you are totally ready to conquer the world.”
– Linda Hakeboom, documentary filmmaker –

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