VIP Deep Dive: “Confidence in English is priceless.”

I truly believe that every client is a VIP and that’s why I only see one client a day in a VIP Deep Dive.
A Deep Dive is a 5-hour session (with a lovely lunch break included, and yes, we use English then as well…) where you and I get down and dirty on your goals and needs in English. No distractions. No limitations. Only a heart-to-heart, brain-to-brain session that’s all about you and making you feel (and sound!) awesome in English, no matter what the situation is.

A Deep Dive is for you if you:

  • Want to rock that TED talk
  • Prepare for an international career change
  • Ace that new job interview
  • Sound natural and confident in your next pitch
  • Get rid of your native accent for your next role or voiceover
  • Raise the bar on your lyrics and pronunciation for your songs?
  • Have more flair in your professional English and be more flexible and varied in your communication skills
  • Want to ‘clean up’ all the basic mistakes you’ve been making (that no one told you about)

Are ready to get a good ‘kick start’ so that you know more about your own strengths and weaknesses and can study more on your own?

My Deep Dive packages are listed below, and don’t forget to check the event page if you’d like to follow a public workshop or masterclass!

(All prices exclude VAT and travel costs. Availability is extremely limited, as I only coach one client a day. Please mail me at to check availability.)

This is what happened after a VIP Deep Dive!

  • Linda got rid of her accent for her newest film role and was able to interact naturally and confidently with American actors and producers, both on and off screen.
  • Maarten took his onboarding documents to the next level by incorporating a more formal and professional English style that truly reflected the nature of his business.
  • Sieger perfected his English pronunciation, timing, and flow to take on more international voiceovers in foreign markets.
  • Liesbeth picked up millions in her pitching round for her new financial app after incorporating more storytelling into her pitches.
  • Janneke rocked her TedXAmsterdamWomen talk and enjoyed every minute of being on stage.
  • Sikko was able to deliver a high-level presentation while opening a new office in South Africa.
  • Judith was so prepared for her job interview at the International School that they hired her on the spot.
  • Jan-Willem got over his fear of speaking English (and has not stopped talking ever since!).

Deep Dive Day

Get Down And Dirty On Your Goals In English, In Style!

Double Deep Dive

Optimal for creating a strong foundation and then taking it to the next level, plus 2 coaching calls!

Deluxe Deep Dive

The Full Monty

Artist developtment – Lyrics And Pronunciation Screening

Get The Most Out Of Your Lyrics And Pronunciation

Accent Coaching For Actors, Comedians, and Musical Stars (Both Bright and Emerging Stars)

Confidence In Pronunciation For Your Next Role