Does your English need some Buffilove?
Here’s how to get some!

I left a safe, well-paid job in 2001 to follow my dream, which was to be the first Personal English Coach of the Netherlands. No one had ever heard of this concept, because it did not exist. Everyone thought I was crazy for taking such a huge risk. However, I live in Buffiland, where we have gin and tonic waterfalls, no calories, and rapping unicorns, so I knew that anything was possible if I just followed my heart and worked hard.

I was on a mission to show the world that Personal English Coaching had value. Now, so many years later, I’m deeply grateful to be the Personal English Coach to so many incredible people in so many different cities and industries, and my books and courses have reached thousands all over the world. I have coaching clients throughout Europe and every day gives me a new opportunity to share my passion (and Buffilove!) for authentic learning, coaching, and communicating in English, with humor and warmth.

Oh, and coffee.

My coaching packages are listed below, and don’t forget to check the event page if you’d like to follow a public workshop or masterclass!

(All prices exclude VAT and travel costs. Availability is extremely limited, as I only coach one client a day. Please mail me at to check availability.)

VIP Deep Dive

Get Down And Dirty On Your Goals In English, In Style!

Coaching Calls

Use It Or Lose It!

The Full Monty

Buffilove XL

Artist developtment – Lyrics And Pronunciation Screening

Get The Most Out Of Your Lyrics And Pronunciation

Accent Coaching For Actors, Comedians, and Musical Stars (Both Bright and Emerging Stars)

Confidence In Pronunciation For Your Next Role

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