I’d love to work with you! – Personal coaching

Private coaching session – English communication/presentations/grammar, vocabulary development

Are you ready to rock your next presentation, pitch, or international meeting? Let me help you feel confident when it comes to organizing and presenting your ideas. In a 3-hour session, we go through all your materials and I help you structure and share your story. You’ll leave with new insights on how to package your story, and how to deal with questions from the audience as well!

‘Buffi has given me the confidence to share my story with the world!’

– Merijn Everaarts, founder of Dopper

Artist developtment – Lyrics and pronunciatino screening

Do you want to get the most out of your lyrics and pronunciation? Ready to walk into the studio with confidence? I’m here to help make that happen! In a private session, we go through your lyrics together and I give you feedback on style, vocabulary choice, use of metaphors, visual imagery, storytelling and more! I also listen with my crazy bat ears for how you pronounce while singing, your accent consistency (US vs UK style), the transitions between words and the flow and timing. Most people start with a 3-hour session and follow up (if time/budget allows) with a 90 minute session to see if feedback has been incorporated.

‘Buffi is brilliant when it comes to lyrics – she’s such a language expert!’

– Bart vd Weide, Racoon

Dialogue coaching for auditions, TV, theater and films

Do you want to sound as native as possible for your next film, spoken word or theater piece? How do you feel about creating and maintaining a realistic accent? I’ve coached actors for years to help them nail their next audition. We go through the script together and work on your timing, flow, and accent consistency. It will add so much to your confidence!

‘I really loved working with Buffi- she gave me such confidence during the filming of The Hope Affair!’

– Monic Hendrikx

Oh, yes indeed! My English needs some Buffilove!

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