I’d love to work with you! – Corporate training programs

My Rock Your Business English! programs are dynamic, challenging, and so much fun to do! I want to give everyone personal feedback, so a group of 12-16 people is ideal. We work on vocabulary development, grammar, learning new communication strategies, taking your English from functional to professional, and pronunciation tips and tricks. This is a fabulous way to work on team building in English!

To extend and enrich your learning, I highly recommend adding my Business English Communication Course as part of your in-company training. This is an 8-module program with video masterclasses, interactive worksheets, and answer pages, which covers everything from Networking Like a Native to Business Grammar, and so much more. This blended learning approach will activate your English during or after the in-company training days and extend your learning even further. You have lifetime access, so your education will continue after I have left the building!  I offer this program with a corporate discount for all in-company training programs. Your discount doubles if you book in a 2-day programme! 

All participants receive a free copy of ‘Work It!’, my new e-book, as part of the program. Is your group larger than 16 people? No problem. I taught 10,000 people at Lowlands, so I can also handle larger groups!

“I loved the supportive atmosphere that allowed us all to speak without fear. Two big eye-openers for me were the contrast between Dutch and English writing styles and how to increase and decrease formality. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone.

Thanks, Buffi, for helping me Rock My Business English!”

– Arthur, Amsterdam –



OMG YES! My team needs some Buffilove!