Howdy! How is your Monday going so far?
Mine is off to a great start, and not just because my new online course Sunday’s Cool is starting soon! I so enjoyed watching my amazing clients Jeangu and Hooverphonic share their light in the Eurovision Shine A Light show this weekend!

I was featured in het Parool last week, talking about the Songfestival and my career.
You can read the article (it opens best in Chrome) here.

It was shared countless times and I got hundreds of reactions.
These were some of them:

‘Please…gym shoes under a dress? Never!’
‘Love those shoes with that dress!’
‘That dress is ridiculous.’
‘Where did you buy that dress? I want it too!’
‘My god, are you 51? I thought you were 10 years younger!’
‘What are you doing as a 51-year old? You’re acting like a child! Act your age!’
‘It’s people like you who inspire me to live my dream.’
‘You’re the reason I became an English teacher, and I’m grateful every day!’
‘Go back to your own country, we don’t need you here.’
‘You’re ruining the Dutch music industry. Why are you making people sing in English?’
‘ ‘Real English’ is British English. You’re American. You’re a fraud.’
‘I’m saving my money so I can work with you one day!’

And it goes on and on and on….
I see this in my high-profile clients all the time.
Last week was my turn, I guess.
And guess what?

What people think about me is none of my business.
I have fans.
I have haters.

And people are sometimes very, very vocal about me and my work (and my appearance, and my age, and my religion, and my body, and my…shoes!).

What people think of me is none of my business.
What I think of me is all that matters.

The haters gonna hate.
The lovers gonna love.

But I’m just going to keep on sharing my light, my passion, and my message with the world.

Because I think I’m good enough just the way I am. And that makes me unstoppable.

I made a short video about not wasting your time and energy when it comes to feedback from total strangers. Maybe it will help you too. You can watch it here.

That’s all I’ve got for now – I’m putting some finishing touches on the workbooks for Sunday’s Cool. If you’d like to join me for 12 weeks of online learning, grab your spot soon, before the Early Bird discount runs out! 

Buffi (who thinks you’re awesome….do you think you’re awesome? ) Duberman



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