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Sunday’s Cool

Are you too cool for school?

What if the coolest English school came to you, every Sunday for 12 weeks?

What if, every Sunday, you got a fun video lesson that showed you how to learn, use, and remember between 5 and 10 new words for that week?

And what if you had a cool, comprehensive workbook that took you even further in your quest to have fun and expand and solidify your English communication skills?

Well, welcome to Sunday’s Cool– the coolest school that comes to you!

Start: Every Sunday!
Normal price: € 149 (ex VAT)

50 Lit AF Buzzwords To Get Your English On Fleek

Oh, hello, you!
You’re cool, right?
Thoroughly modern, correct?
Totally hip and happening?

But….is your English just as cool? Up to date?
Fresh and fabulous?

Maybe not. But that’s about to change, my darling!

I developed ’50 Lit AF Buzzwords To Get Your English On Fleek’ to help you embrace your inner rock star by understanding and activating (yes, there’s a quiz at the end!) some pretty awesome words and phrases. This will make your English more colorful and lively, and will get you one step closer to sounding like a native. Let’s get buzzing!

It’s € 9,95, including tax.


Work it!

My first e-book – WORK IT! – is here, and it will help you activate your E-nglish! This is very e-xciting!

It’s an 80-page ride through the biggest problem areas in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, plus a special focus on Business English, confusing words, enhancing your vocabulary, and professionalizing your writing skills! It features lots of quick exercises  (with answers!) to keep you active – remember, use it or lose it, honey!

It’s € 9,95, including tax, which is just a bit over 12 cents a page.


Talk Nerdy To Me Card deck (Set of 3)

Learning English grammar, expressions and emotions has never been this much fun! Let’s spice up your English with fun expressions. Fill in the missing word and check on the Answer page to see if you nailed it! How is your emotional language? Try and guess the feeling based on the picture, and then activate it. And who says learning grammar is boring? Not me! Talk Nerdy To Me, baby! Click here to see them in action! 

One set of 3 card decks € 49,95, including tax (excl. shipping & handling).

Business English Communication Course

Would you like to improve your English in the comfort of your own home or office?

Do you get nervous when you need to deliver a speech in English?
Do you have trouble writing long texts and emails in English?
Do you feel uncomfortable negotiating and making deals in English?

Does this describe you? If so, let me take care of your business! In my 8-week Business English Communication Course I will walk you through what you need to know in order to communicate well when it comes to professional English:
8 Masterclasses, 8 Worksheets, 1 Extra Masterclass on Pronunciation + Worksheet and access to Buffi via our FB page for all of your questions regarding the course

€ 997,- excluding 21% tax.

100 Ways to Save Your Ass in English

As a professional corporate English coach and trainer, and an official TEDx speaker coach, I wanted to share my years of experience in the professional sector, and to let you know what really works based on the results I have seen firsthand with my clients.The first part of the book covers the most embarrassing mistakes in English and how not to make them. The second part, entitled ‘Let’s Get Down To Business, Yo’ is divided into different sections. Each subsection has a clear purpose and lots of handy phrases that will help you feel more confident, comfortable, and natural when it comes to professional business situations — whether they be presentations, meetings, vocabulary development, travel, or networking in English. I’ve also included 100 fabulous idioms to make your English sparkle, and explained the difference between American and British English. If you order via my site, you will receive a signed copy and my Dirty Bookmark!

Paperback edition
€ 19,95 including tax (excl. shipping & handling)

€ 14,95 including tax

International order | If you’d like to order the paperback edition outside of the Netherlands, please mail me and tell me what you’d like to order and where it should be shipped and I’ll get back to you on pricing and delivery!

Rock Your English!

An innovative approach to English lessons using pop music (lyrics) as the starting point. Improve your vocabulary, grammar and listening skills while enjoying this fresh approach! The Rock Your English @ Home online course features 14 top artists- we’re hanging with Racoon, Within Temptation, Shirma Rouse, a balladeer and Anneke van Giersbergen, among others. We talk about lyrics, songwriting, and grammar…and see how well they do on the Pop Quiz!

€ 24,99 including tax (excl. shipping & handling).

Combi: 100 Ways to Save Your Ass in English + Rock Your English!

Double the fun! Want to please everyone in your home or office and cover all your bases? Get my new book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’ and ‘Rock Your English!’ together with a 5 euro discount! Prices excl. shipping and taxes!

International order | If you’d like to order a book outside of the Netherlands, please mail me and tell me what you’d like to order and where it should be shipped and I’ll get back to you on pricing and delivery!

Registration is now open for Great in 8!

Great in 8 is my new long-term English coaching program! It’s 8 weeks of online learning, personal coaching, and a live training day with personal communication goals and feedback every week. We start in September 2020 – are you ready to become Great in 8? Let me know!

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