Great in 8!

“8 weeks to better English with the best of online learning and personal coaching!”


Registration is now open!

Registration is now open for Great in 8 – my new long-term English coaching program! It’s 8 weeks of online learning, personal coaching, and a live training day with personal communication goals and feedback every week. The next group will start on September 14, 2020. Want to join in September? Grab your intake here and I’ll be in touch!’

Professionalize your English and develop new communication strategies, confidence, and accuracy while being continuously challenged and coached!

Painting with the same colors – BORING! (Ok, maybe not for Mondrian)

You can communicate in English. You get the message across- you’re not a beginner. But deep inside you know you can do better. You keep using the same words and phrases. That’s like painting with the same colors over and over again. It’s not only boring for your listeners and readers, but it’s becoming boring for you.

You keep fishing in the same word  pond, and using the same old go-to phrases. This keeps your vocabulary small. You can’t always find the right word at the right time. You are tired of making such an effort to communicate in English. 

You know your career would have a huge boost if you had more flair when communicating professionally. But you are still playing small, staying inside your comfort zone, and staying at the same level. You know you can do better.

Speak and write like a boss ? You got it!

Wouldn’t it be great to know what to say, not because it’s your first choice, but because it’s the best choice? Having a whole toolbox full of phrases and vocabulary, enabling you to pick and choose the right one at any time?

Imagine always being able to strike the right tone when speaking and writing.  Standing in front of a group and feeling comfortable and confident in your next meeting, negotiation session, pitch or network event. Having an entire Word Wardrobe to choose from and developing new communication strategies that work effectively and accurately. 

When communication is not functional, but professional. You talk and people really listen. You speak and write with flair and ease. Your confidence is out there for all to see and admire and communicating in English isn’t challenging anymore – it’s something you actually really enjoy.

Does this sound like a dream come true? Well, this is what my clients experience after working with me.


My name is Buffi Duberman, and yes, that’s my real name, and it’s really spelled that way. I’m a native New Yorker and I’m based in the Netherlands. I have been a full-time English teacher since 1990, and in 2001 I left a very safe, well-paid job and jumped into the unknown. I wanted to become the first Personal English coach of the Netherlands. This did not exist at the time. I worked very hard to prove my value, and fast forward to now – I’m the personal coach to celebrities (Linda de Mol, Jandino, Freek Vonk, etc), CEOs, (Ineke Kooistra of YoungCapital and Merijn Everaarts of Dopper), artists (Racoon, Bertolf, Isa Hoes, etc), politicians, and a senior TedXAmsterdamWomen speaker coach. I’ve written 4 books, designed 3 online courses, and taught 10,000 people English grammar (!!) at Lowlands. I love what I do and do it with love, humor, compassion and expertise.

After hearing people say, time and time again, that they were too busy to follow standard classes but wanted to improve their English, get challenged, and be held accountable over a period of several weeks, I decided to create something new to fill this need.

That’s when….drumroll please….Great in 8 was born!

In Great in 8,  you will learn how to….

expand your professional vocabulary so that you will always be able to find the right word to strike the right tone and broaden your comfort zone so you can finally stop using the same words over and over again.

improve your pronunciation and sound natural and confident while speaking and eliminate the mistakes you’ve been making (that nobody ever told you about.)

develop new writing techniques so that you’ll be able to sound formal or informal according to the situation and learn about ‘framing’ your information in order to sound less direct and have your emails flow naturally.


own the stage in presenting and pitching by learning how to shape and share a message with impact, meaning and value according to the platform, target group and purpose of your talk, and get individual feedback with during our live training day which you can use for  future presentations.

feel at ease when negotiating and know how to use dealmakers and dealbreakers in English with confidence, learn how to agree or disagree strongly or tentatively, and how to leave the communication door open to the next step (or how to close it and lock it.)

network with confidence and flair and make a positive first impression with new international contacts by discovering different ways to introduce yourself and talk about your work so that it never gets boring (for you or others.)

activate your passive knowledge so you can finally use all the words that are getting dusty in your head – you understand much more than you’re actually using – now it’s time to get those words going!

eliminate your grammatical mistakes so you can build a strong foundation on which to communicate and learn how to ‘play’ with grammar in order to tweak your message appropriately.

become aware of the differences between British and American English in grammar, vocabulary and spelling so that you can cross the pond with confidence and not even get your mascara wet (from tears, of course!)

All Great in 8 members will learn in 4 ways: 

Online course:

You’ll have a video Deep Dive every week on everything from Business Grammar to Networking Like a Native by using my Business English Communication Course. You’ll activate what you’ve learned immediately by using tailor-made worksheets, and receiving supplemental homework created just for Great in 8 members in our exclusive database. You can keep the online course after our program has ended to extend your knowledge even further.

Coaching calls:

You will be coached and challenged every week in a small, supportive community. Great in 8 is only for highly-motivated learners who are ready to get outside of their comfort zone. I’ll answer all your questions, help you activate the material on your own with tailor-made exercises and assignments, and challenge you to take the next step in a week-by-week program. You’ll also interact with the other Great in 8 members in English and practise what you’ve been learning! I will also work with you privately on your PCP. This is your Personal Communication Project, which can be anything you’d like to improve with my guidance in English. Some of the PCPs I have done with Great in 8 members are:

  • write a CV that really stands out
  • prepare for a job interview
  • create a fresh sales page/web text/promotional material
  • improve pronunciation with weekly audio files
  • enhancing your emails in style, tone, grammar, and vocabulary

Live training day:

All Great in 8 members (remember, there are only 10 people allowed!) will have a very special (and SAFE!) training day where we will focus on pitching and presenting, and speaking with impact, while sharpening our communication skills and diving even deeper into the nuances and subtleties of Business English. This will be a full day devoted to taking your English even further on presentations, pitches, verbal and written communication, and all the participants will receive individual feedback. The Great in 8 Live Training Day will be in my signature rock and roll style, with fabulous facilities and catering (I take my food very seriously!) , enhanced by diplomas, hugs and drinks at the end of the day, which will fly by. My team will follow all the COVID-19 guidelines to the letter so that the only thing you have to focus on is finishing that Bossche Bol I’ll have waiting for you!

Coach on call:

Every Great in 8 member will have access to our private Great in 8 SLACK group, where you can ask me anything while you are learning, and connect with the other members. I’m here to help, and I’m so happy to keep you challenged and active as you’re learning!

But wait…there’s more!

Every participant in Great in 8 will receive a free copy of my ebook ‘Work It!’ and a signed copy of my book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass in English’.

The Great in 8 Program:

Buffi’s online Business English Communication Course

Weekly Coaching Calls

A Live Training Day Exclusively for Great in 8 Members

Access to the Private Online Slack Group

Every week is great! Here’s what you’ll be learning in the Great in 8 program:

Week 1: Business Grammar

In this masterclass you will learn how to structure your message correctly by understanding and activating the present, past and future tenses. You will also discover what the most common grammar mistakes are, and learn how incorrect grammar will confuse your international contacts.

Week 2: Business Idioms

Let’s add some color to your English! After this masterclass you will have an increased knowledge in current idioms and expressions in various professional fields, which will add more color to your language and enhance your communication skills. A great way to spice up your English and add more depth to your language!

Week 3: Formal and Informal English

After this week’s masterclass, you will be aware of the 10 degrees of formality and how to use them according to the situation you find yourself in, and how to stay polite when giving bad news or rejecting an invitation or a suggestion. You’ll also learn how to use phrasal verbs like a native in order to have your English flow more naturally in informal situations.

Week 4: Putting the ‘present’ in Presentations

In this masterclass I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks as a senior TedX Speaker Coach and show you how to prepare for and structure an English presentation clearly and use powerful connecting language to get your point across well. We will examine various techniques so that you can connect with your audience authentically and with ease.

Week 5: Shaping and Sharing Your Story

Now it’s time to prepare for our Great in 8 Training Day – where you will present to the other participants using our Great in 8 Template and get individual feedback that will help you for future talks. We will work on everything from dealing with nerves to body language and put all that theory into practice!

LIVE TRAINING DAY: Activate what you have learned

This is when you get to put everything together by presenting to your fellow Great in 8 members in a live training day which is all about you! This is your chance to activate everything you have learned so far and get rocking in our Great group! You’ll get individual feedback, and network with some pretty awesome people. The day includes coffee, tea, sweets and snacks, a fabulous lunch and drinks at the end. We will start at 10.30 and end about 16.30. Location will be in Den Bosch, 3 minutes from the train station.

Week 6: Write it Right!

After this masterclass, you will feel more comfortable writing emails as you will know how to start and finish them, respond to other mails and know more about the differences between US and UK writing styles. There are also helpful email templates for different situations that you can use for all future writing needs.

Week 7: Meetings and Negotiations

In this week’s masterclass we will focus on feeling more confident in preparing for an English meeting or negotiation session and learn and activate a variety of the phrases and language needed to communicate professionally in these situations. You’ll also be more aware of how the conditionals can be used in order to create a dealmaker or a dealbreaker in English.

Week 8: Network like a Native

After our masterclass, you will feel more comfortable introducing yourself, introducing other people, and having social conversations at conferences, seminars, and international meetings. You’ll also be able to create and activate your own elevator pitch which will help you network effectively and professionally.

Yes! I want to be Great in 8!

Not sure if this is right for you? Got it. Let’s check.

‘I don’t have a lot of time to learn English.’

Neither do I. That’s why I designed the Great in 8 program – to keep you sharp and challenged in a limited amount of time. Your weekly investment will never be more than 3 hours, which includes the masterclasses, doing the homework, and the weekly coaching call.

I’m not able to invest a lot at the moment.’

No problem! You can pay for Great in 8 in 2 terms if that better suits your budget.

I get bored easily.’

Me too!  Why should learning be boring? Not my thing. That’s why I use humor and fun examples in everything I do. The Volkskrant even said I had more one-liners than a stand-up comedian! I have been teaching English since 1986 and I have never heard, not even once, that my lessons were boring. I promise to keep you motivated and inspired!

‘I hated English at school.’

So did I. I had a teacher who was not inspired or passionate about what she was teaching. I knew that this was a waste of her time, and unfortunately, a waste of mine too. I knew that learning English could be fun and cool. That’s why I wrote my first book Rock Your English! and did this live on stage at Lowlands for a crowd of 10,000. It was a total blast! My passion for teaching and my wacky sense of humor comes through in everything I do. You’ll get a shot of Buffilove every week in Great in 8!

‘I want to continue learning after the course has finished.’

You have lifetime access to the online course, and we can also discuss the possibility of follow-up coaching after Great in 8 has ended.

‘I get nervous in groups.’

And that is exactly why I am limiting this to 10 people only. I want to work with a small, highly-motivated group so I can personally encourage everyone and give everyone individual assignments, challenges and feedback.

‘I have no discipline and I’m lazy.’

When you know you have a weekly phone call with your English coach who will check your homework, and encourage  you to activate what you are learning, then I am sure you will find a way to do your homework! 🙂

‘I don’t live in the Netherlands.’

Everything will be done online except for the live training day, which will be announced weeks in advance, so that you can get your travel arranged on time.

I am not a business person, is this right for me?

You don’t have to be a business person or an executive to join this program. Many of my clients are artists, actors and designers. I’m very creative myself and want to help you expand your confidence and accuracy in communication. If you want to feel confident and professional, this is the course for you!

This program is for you if you want to:


find the right words at the right time


expand your professional vocabulary


understand and activate the difference between formal and informal English


eliminate your grammar mistakes and understand why you were making them


sound more natural, confident and accurate with an improved pronunciation


network with flair and ease


dive deeper into how packaging can dramatically affect your message and why it’s so important in English


activate new expressions and phrases


improve your writing skills and develop effective writing templates to use for future communication


know how to structure and deliver a presentation with confidence


use high-impact, high-energy language to not only get people’s attention, but keep it


...and so much more!

This program is NOT for you if you…


can already communicate well in English


can chair and participate in meetings with ease


can pitch or present with confidence and flair


are happy to keep working at the same level


already use English grammar well and without hesitation


have a variety of words and phrases to choose from immediately


can interact appropriately and spontaneously in formal and informal professional situations


can write emails where the information is ‘framed’ correctly


are satisfied with the current level of your international network and career


don’t want to challenge yourself personally or professionally

Great in 8 graduates gave this program a 9


100% of participants would recommend this program to others


100% of participants saw progress in their English communication style

“The joy, spirit and motivation you bring is incredible. Also the room you give for doubt, mistakes and improvement is encouraging. Going from zero to speaking/learning English more than 3/4 days a week is a small achievement.”


Real estate professional and Great in 8 graduate

“This course even  helped me with presenting in Dutch. I am now very motivated, because I see the progress. I truly liked working with you! It’s a great program!”


Marketeer and content creator and Great in 8 graduate

“Buffi was able to explain everything in such a simple (and fun) way. She definitely makes learning English fun! I can’t believe I am saying this but learning grammar was the part I enjoyed the most!”


Producer/presenter and Great in 8 graduate


Who is this for?

This is for highly motivated people who want to improve their business English communication skills, in both writing and speaking

How much does it cost?

The entire program, including the digital intake, the phone intake, lifetime access to the online program, 8 coaching calls and 1 exclusive live training day is 2750E ex btw or 2 payments of 1500E ex btw each.

Do I have to pay ahead of time?

Your spot is confirmed upon payment. If you are paying in 2 terms, then the first payment has to be in before the program starts, and the second term is  4 weeks after.

How long will I be studying every week?

The time investment, on average, will be 2.5 hours a week – about 1 hour for your video masterclass and homework, and 1.5 hours for your coaching call every week.

When is the coaching call?

The call will be arranged at a set time per week. You can choose between 2 time slots and find the one that best works for you.

What if I am unable to do the coaching calls because I’m ill or on vacation?

I will send you a recording of the call we had with the group so that you can see what you missed and get the new challenge of the week.

What if I already have your online course?

You are still able to join Great In 8! The coaching calls and the live training day will then be 1750E ex btw, or 2 payments of 1000E each.

How will I be learning?

You will follow the online course on any device of your choice, at any time. You will follow one masterclass a week and then do the worksheet and check your answers with the answer sheet provided. You will have one coaching call per week, and choose 1 of 2 time slots that works best in your schedule. The live coaching day will be on XXX November and location will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Where does it take place?

Everything will be online except for the live coaching day which will take place in the Netherlands.

Are the coaching calls private?

You will be following the online lessons on your own, and completing one module per week. I will then follow up with a coaching call with a small group of participants. The other participants will be muted during our time together on the phone. You will get a recording of the call afterwards to keep and review.

Can I also ask you questions during the course?

Absolutely! I will be there to support you online throughout the entire program.

When does the course start and finish?

The program starts on September 14, 2020 and ends on November 6, 2020. The live masterclass will be on October 8, 2020.

Why is this only available for 10 people?

I want to keep this group small so that I can give everyone personal attention and feedback.

How do I start?

Click here to access your intake, and I’ll be getting in touch with you to set up a call to see if Great in 8 is a good match for you!

Click here to access your intake, and I’ll be getting in touch with you to set up a call to see if Great in 8 is a good match for you!

“Every journey starts with a first step.”

Registration is now open for Great in 8!

Great in 8 is my new long-term English coaching program! It’s 8 weeks of online learning, personal coaching, and a live training day with personal communication goals and feedback every week. We start in September 2020 – are you ready to become Great in 8? Let me know!

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