I’d love to work with you! – Hosting your event or panel

I love hosting events with humor, passion and dedication! If you’d like me to host or moderate your next event, drop me a line and let me know what floats your boat!

‘I was so impressed that Buffi introduced every speaker at our Celebrate The Changemakers event with a poem she wrote just for them – her enthusiasm was contagious!’

– Merijn Everaarts, founder of Dopper and co-initiator of Celebrate the Changemakers –

Yes! My event needs some Buffilove!

Registration is now open for Great in 8!

Great in 8 is my new long-term English coaching program! It’s 8 weeks of online learning, personal coaching, and a live training day with personal communication goals and feedback every week. We start in September 2020 – are you ready to become Great in 8? Let me know!

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