Rock Your Business English!

The coolest way to sharpen up your team’s Business English skills

Developing new corporate communication strategies to write and speak professionally in English

Your team uses English at work and they get by. It’s not always easy, and certainly not always fun, but they get the job done. Most of the time.

However, it’s not professional enough. They are all great at what they do, but when it comes to doing that all in English, it’s a step (or two!) behind. They keep using the same words over and over again and it’s boring. And not professional. They are using school English to help them navigate through international business situations and it’s not measuring up. They don’t reflect the image you want them to have in English, it’s always a bit lower and a bit simpler than it should be.

You would love it if your coworkers could speak more professionally and with more ‘polished’ phrases so that they have a wide variety of English words and phrases to choose from. They understand English quite well, but that library in their head is not getting activated.  Your international network and clients are there to work with you, not to give you feedback about your English, so you’re not even sure if you’re using the right words and structures anymore, as no one has told you if it’s correct or not. No one gives you clear and honest feedback about HOW you are communicating, so you are working in a vacuum and simply hoping for the best.

You think that sometimes your colleagues might be making mistakes (and you’re probably making them yourself!) but you’re not sure how to correct them, or know other alternatives to say things in a more professional way.  It would be an added bonus if your coworkers could also work better as a team in English and create a better sense of group communication to increase the team spirit and have fun!

How great would it be if your team could walk into a meeting or a negotiation session and be totally prepared, not just about what to say, but how (and WHY!) to say it?


To feel just as confident in English as they do in their own language?


To be less ‘rude’ and ‘direct’ when dealing with international colleagues?


To not hesitate when an English phone call or visitor comes in unexpectedly?


To really reflect the status of your company by using professional and formal English communication skills instead of just school English?


Better English means more confidence in the boardroom, at the negotiating table, and networking on an international playing field. In today’s high-paced business world, people don’t have a lot of time. Every minute and every word counts. Make them matter by choosing well.

About me

I left a safe, well-paid job to follow my dreams and that was to be the first Personal English Coach of the Netherlands, something that no one had heard of in 2001. Now fast forward, and I’m the Personal English coach to celebrities, politicians, CEOs and top managers. I’m the exclusive English coporate trainer for YoungCapital, Macaw, Eurocamp and Mojo Concerts, among others. My lessons are non-traditional and I’ve developed my own teaching method which is now used in 4 countries. I am just as comfortable coaching in Parliament as I am on the stage at Lowlands (where I taught 10,000 people), and I’m honored to be the Personal English coach to the CEOs of Dopper and YoungCapital. It’s wonderful to see teams growing in skills  and confidence in my Rock Your Busines English! programs!

I designed my Rock Your Business English! program to cover all the bases in Business English, but it’s Business English with a twist. It’s never boring as I always want to have fun while learning. If you enjoy the learning journey, you will remember and apply so much more. I explain every module, but then everyone has to activate it, get feedback and apply the feedback right away. The lessons are fast-paced, and intense, but the groups are kept small so I can give everyone personal feedback.



Your team will get a tailor-made program based on your own professional needs in English.


We will work on basic (and advanced, if applicable) grammar to build a strong foundation to build on. This will also eliminate the most common mistakes you are making in English.  

We will also sharpen up your pronunciation to help you sound more natural and confident in English.


You will discover the varying degrees of formality (there are 10!)  so that you can strike the right tone with the right group, both in written and spoken English.

You will also learn how to negotiate and give bad news effectively and politely in English.

You’ll learn alternative phrases for the ones you are already using in order to expand and professionalize your business English vocabulary.

You’ll also laugh and learn in my famous rock and roll style, with videos, tailor-made worksheets, quizzes, and very lame jokes! There’s never a dull moment when you’re learning Buffi-style!


A full day program:  10.30-16.30, with a lunch break included.

(Half-day or evening sessions are possible).

Intake: We always start with a personal intake to determine your level and needs in English, and create a tailor-made program accordingly. This is included in the course fee.

Materials: Every participant receives a free copy of Work It, my e-book, and tailor-made worksheets as part of the Rock Your Business English! program, as well as a personal Certificate of Achievement at the end of the program.

Location: Your office or any other location that you’d like to arrange

Group Size: maximum 16 people

Fee: Corporate training programs are possible for a full day, a half-day or an evening session. Prices are upon request. Please be advised that there is a waiting list of approximately 6 weeks.

Online course:

An excellent way to extend and maintain your progress is to combine your in-company training program with my online Business English Communication Course. There are 8 modules with in-depth masterclasses and tailor-made interactive worksheets on essential Business English subjects, like Networking Like A Native, Business Grammar, Perfect Presentations, and more.

If you book 1 Rock Your Business English! training day, you get 50% off the online course (an individual account normally retails for 997E ).

If you book 2 Rock Your Business English! training days, you get 70% off the online course.

YES! My team needs to rock their business English!

What clients say (without a bribe)

Buffi’s in-company Rock Your Business English course was really a mirror for me. No matter how good you think your English is, everyone can really benefit from this course!”

Wouter van der Heijden

Managing Director, A Friend Of Mine

“Thanks for your Rock Your Business Course! Your expertise regarding the mistakes the Dutch often makes was very helpful and is essential. Especially if there is limited time.  Also the presentation to practice our skills was useful.
Your books are easy to read and I know for sure that I will use them to improve my English. Also your tips regarding interesting sites is valuable.” 

Eileen Wernsen

E-Commerce Manager, Eurocamp

“It was great! Loved the experience: we’ve learned a lot about the English language of course, but also about communication and presentations in general. And it brought some very nice extra and special energy into the team.” 

Martin ter Horst

Principal Consultant Macaw

Not sure if this is for you?

Do you feel that your team can do better internationally?

Are they struggling with sounding professional in English?

Do they avoid situations where they need English?

Is their communication strategy at the right level to reflect the needs of your company?

Are they just as confident communicating in English as they are in their own language?

Do you feel that there is more international work for your company, but that English is holding you back?

Do your coworkers feel embarrassed when they have to communicate in English?

Do English situations get delegated to the person who is able to do it well?

Do you feel that if your team had better English they would be able to be more successful internationally?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these, then it’s time to Rock Your Business English!

This masterclass is for you if:


Your colleagues do not feel comfortable and confident in English


They are not able to communicate internationally with ease


They doubt or hesitate when it comes to professional communication in English


They are not able to spontaneously recognize and use varying degrees of formality and advanced English grammar structures well

This masterclass is NOT for you if:


Your team feels comfortable and natural using English in professional situations


Your team is able to speak and write professionally in English


Your team uses advanced grammar structures spontaneously, correctly and naturally

YES! We need to rock our business English!


How do I know which course is best for my team?

You will first start by filling in an intake form. Then I’ll contact you and discuss your English training goals and needs, and send you a tailor-made proposal accordingly.

Do we all have to have the same level?

I can send you an intake  to send to your team which will help me have a better idea of each person’s level.  After evaluating the intake, if someone’s level seems too high or too low for the course, I will let you know.

Can I pay in terms?

50% of the course must be paid before the course starts, and the remaining 50% must be paid within 2 weeks of the final course date

How do we get an intake?

I will send it to you by mail.

Are evening sessions possible?

Yes, from 17.00-20.00, with a quick dinner break included.

How do we access the online course?

My assistant will send you the log in information for each participant upon completion of the first payment before the course starts. She will also send everyone a welcome mail describing the online course and how to use it.

How do we get the ebook?

This will be mailed to everyone before the course starts.

What do we need to arrange for Buffi?

A screen, WIFI, speakers, a whiteboard (with pens) and a chair. The client will also arrange lunch or dinner for the participants. This can be anything from a tray with sandwiches to a buffet to ordering pizzas. Buffi is happy to eat anything (veggie) with anyone!

Why is there a maximum of 16 people?

Because I want to give everyone individual feedback and this is not possible in a larger group.

Do we need laptops?

You can bring one if you like but a notebook (the old-fashioned kind) and a pen will be much better as you will be doing worksheets during the course.

OH YES! We are ready to rock it with Buffi!

“Let’s create new corporate communication strategies in English!”

Registration is now open for Great in 8!

Great in 8 is my new long-term English coaching program! It’s 8 weeks of online learning, personal coaching, and a live training day with personal communication goals and feedback every week. We start in September 2020 – are you ready to become Great in 8? Let me know!

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