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Work it!

My first e-book – WORK IT! – is here, and it will help you activate your E-nglish! This is very e-xciting!

It’s an 80-page ride through the biggest problem areas in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, plus a special focus on Business English, confusing words, enhancing your vocabulary, and professionalizing your writing skills! It features lots of quick exercises  (with answers!) to keep you active – remember, use it or lose it, honey!

It’s 9.95E, including tax, which is just a bit over 12 cents a page.


100 Ways to Save Your Ass in English

As a professional corporate English coach and trainer, and an official TEDx speaker coach, I wanted to share my years of experience in the professional sector, and to let you know what really works based on the results I have seen firsthand with my clients.The first part of the book covers the most embarrassing mistakes in English and how not to make them. The second part, entitled ‘Let’s Get Down To Business, Yo’ is divided into different sections. Each subsection has a clear purpose and lots of handy phrases that will help you feel more confident, comfortable, and natural when it comes to professional business situations — whether they be presentations, meetings, vocabulary development, travel, or networking in English. I’ve also included 100 fabulous idioms to make your English sparkle, and explained the difference between American and British English. If you order via my site, you will receive a signed copy and my Dirty Bookmark!

International order | If you’d like to order a book outside of the Netherlands, please mail me and tell me what you’d like to order and where it should be shipped and I’ll get back to you on pricing and delivery!

Rock Your English!

An innovative approach to English lessons using pop music (lyrics) as the starting point. Improve your vocabulary, grammar and listening skills while enjoying this fresh approach! The Rock Your English @ Home online course features 14 top artists- we’re hanging with Racoon, Within Temptation, Shirma Rouse, a balladeer and Anneke van Giersbergen, among others. We talk about lyrics, songwriting, and grammar…and see how well they do on the Pop Quiz!

Combi: 100 Ways to Save Your Ass in English + Rock Your English!

Double the fun! Want to please everyone in your home or office and cover all your bases? Get my new book ‘100 Ways To Save Your Ass In English’ and ‘Rock Your English!’ together with a 5 euro discount! Prices include shipping and taxes!

International order | If you’d like to order a book outside of the Netherlands, please mail me and tell me what you’d like to order and where it should be shipped and I’ll get back to you on pricing and delivery!

Business English Communication Course

If you’d like to study on your own, try my video masterclasses where we get down and dirty and deal with presentations, negotiations, grammar, idioms, networking and more! There are 8 modules and each one is supplemented by a worksheet so you can activate what you’ve been learning! The VIP course includes private coaching by yours truly. “This course gave me a Buffi-shot of confidence! I’ve never met a more admirable teacher than Buffi.” – Linda Hakeboom, TV presentor and journalist, after completing her Business English Communication Course.

Sunday’s Cool!

New dates for Sunday’s Cool 2017 will be announced soon!

Een coole manier om Engels te leren. Speciaal ontwikkeld voor tieners (12-16 jaar). Heeft jouw kind moeite met spreken in het openbaar? Sunday’s Cool is het perfecte event om daar bij te helpen! Van 10.00 – 17.00 uur gaan we op een speelse manier in op de meest voorkomende fouten in grammatica en uitspraak. Daarnaast gaan we werken aan een uitgebreide woordenschat via games, films en discussies.

Communicate better in English!

A 4-part masterclass series by Buffi Duberman

An interactive, dynamic masterclass series that will make you feel confident in English, and have a great time while doing so! In this, my first public masterclass series, we will work intensely on increasing your vocabulary, eliminating common mistakes, and making you sound and feel more natural and confident when it comes to negotiations, presentations, meetings and so much more! Every workshop ends with a delicious lunch, which gives you the opportunity to network and activate what we’ve been learning.

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